How Do I Remove Lightspark Virus-Uninstall Lightspark Player Pro

Computer is infected with Lightspark Virus?

Lightspark Virus, also known as Lightspark Player Pro, is an extremely sneaky and stubborn computer infection which significantly endangers computer. People may pick up the adware virus when surfing on unsafe domains that usually contain porn, gamble, game, java update or software downloads. Once it is installed in computer. Lightspark Virus starts modifying system DNS and browser setting, so that it can be configurated to launch each time window is booted up. It allows malicious progress running behind and bombards computer with annoying pop-up ads. Thus, some dangerous codes are inserted to promote the third party. Then alternatives will frequently redirect user to unfamiliar websites which are flooded by heads of advertisements banners and sponsored links. Lightspark Virus is aggressive and puts computer into a poor condition. With computer being victimized, additional threats would be used by hackers to get inside and exploit users’ money. You are advised to get rid of Lightspark Virus immediately.

Lightspark Virus cannot be removed by system Antivirus program? Why? It cannot be detected? The virus has been well designed with rootkit technology to by pass any removal tools. As you keep it, more computer infections would be dropped secretly, which lead to a quick system crash. Thus, you should remove it right away. Please note, you can delete Lightspark Virus virus manually so that it can disappear for good.

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Harms would be caused by Lightspark Virus (Lightspark Player Pro)

  1. Lightspark Virus slows down internet performance by installing superfluous softwares or toolbars
  2. Lightspark Virus may mess up windows entries by inviting vulnerable threats like Trojans, worms or ransoms
  3. Lightspark Virus causes unstoppable pop-up ads to take over browsing activities
  4. Lightspark Virustries to push users into paying money for inexistant or corrupted products
  5. Lightspark Virus may take advantage of system vulnerability to exploit users’ money
  6. Lightspark Virus shows cookies to track browsing histories and scam users’ internet habit

Lightspark Virus (Lightspark Player Pro) wont go away? You have tried everything with no luck? It keeps appearing and crashing down your browser? Now computer is taken over by tons of pop-up windows? How to fix?

Step 1 Reset Browser setting
Mozilla Firefox
1.Press Alt+H and click Troubleshooting Information.
2.Click Reset Firefox.
3.Again click another Reset Firefox and click Finish.

Internet Explorer
1.Press Alt+T.
2.Click Internet Options and open the Advanced tab.
3.Click Reset.
4.Select the tick box and again click Reset.

Google Chrome
1.Press Alt+T.
2.Point to Tools and click Extensions.
3.Remove the unwanted browser add-on.
4.Click Settings.
5.In the On startup section, click the last option and click Set pages.
6.Change the startup page.
7.In the Search section, click Manage search engine and change the search provider.

Step 2 Delete all Lightspark Virus associated files

%ProgramFiles%Protected SearchSystem.Data.SQLite.dll

Step 3 Open Registry Editor to delete compromised entries

 HKLMSOFTWAREWow6432NodeClassesCLSID{11111111-1111-1111-1111-110311341126} {Lightspark Virus}
HKLMSOFTWAREWow6432NodeClassesCLSID{22222222-2222-2222-2222-220322342226}{Lightspark Virus}

Step 4 Reset system DNS setting

set dns 8.8.8


NOTE: If you still have any problems associated with Lightspark Virus adware presence on your system,please contact us for instant help.