The ICE Cyber Crime Center – How to Remove


ICE The ICE Cyber Crime Center Your computer has been blocked The work of your computer has been suspended on the grounds of unauthorized cyber activity.
Possible violations are described below:
Article -174. Copyright Imprisonment for the term of up to 2-5 years (The use or sharing of copyrighted files). A fine from 18,000 up to 23,000 USD
Article – 183. Pornography Imprisonment for the term of up to 2-3 years (The use of distribution of pornographic files). A fine from 18,000 up to 25,000 USD
Article – 184. Pornography involving children (under 18 years) Imprisonment for the term of up to 10-15 years (The use or distribution of pornographic files). A fine from 20,000 up to 40,000 USD
Article – 104. Promoting Terrorism Imprisonment for the term of up to 25 years without appeal (Visiting the websites of terrorist groups). A fine from 35,000 up to 45,000 USD
Article – 68. The distribution of virus programs Imprisonment for the term of up to 2 years (The development or distribution of virus programs, which have caused harm to other computers). A fine from 15,000 to 28,000 USD
To unlock your computer and to avoid other legal consequences you are obligated to pay a release fee of $300 USD.
An attempt to unlock this computer by yourself will lead to the full formatting of the operating system. All the files, videos, photos, documents on your computer will be deleted.

What is “The ICE Cyber Crime Center”?

The ICE Cyber Crime Center belongs to the nasty MoneyPak family that requires money for illegal cyber crimes. The ICE Cyber Crime Center is similar to the Homeland Security Virus, FBI Cybercrime Division and FBI MoneyPak Virus  that block your computer and display bogus notifications. It states that your computer has been blocked due to the violation of copyrighted law of America. To unlock your computer, $300 fee needs to be transferred to the governmental organization via MoneyPak voucher at a store like CVS, Walmart, or Walgreens, which make it more reliable. Malicious it is, this pesky threat claims that your files, videos, photos, documents on your computer will be deleted if you try to unlock your computer with formatting your system. One thing should be informed is that ICE (The ICE Cyber Crime Center) is a scam and it has nothing to do with any authorized department. It is highly recommended to terminate this malware as quickly as possible.

What would happens if ICE Cyber Crime Center ransomware blocks your computer?

  1. Your computer may stop working
  2. A locked screen may automatically pop up every time you have the desktop opened
  3. Fake warnings keeps forcing you to summit the voucher.
  4. The malware may attempt to take a picture of you via your Webcam to further scare you into sending in the ransom
  5. Your privacy may be exploited for illegal cyber crimes

 ICE Cyber Crime Center Removal
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How to Completely Get Rid of Homeland Security – Homeland Security MoneyPak Virus Removal Guide

What is U.S. Department of Homeland Security?

Homeland Security virus (also known as U.S. Department of Homeland Security asking 300 dollars to unlock the computer) belongs to the nasty ransomware that generates from fake FBI malware family. It is a parasite of American Ukash that is similar to FBI virus, FBI Cybercrime Division virus, FBI Moneypak virus and ICE Cyber Crime Center Scam. As a malicious malware, Homeland Security virus virus blocks the users’ computer with modifying the startup setting. Obliviously Homeland Security aims to collect money from computer users with displaying scary but fake warnings. To be more specific, the false report is associated with illegal use of software, music, video and the viewing of porn-graphics. Thought the bogus notification looks trustworthy and reliable, Homeland Security scam has nothing to do with governmental organization.

What would Homeland Security do to your computer?

  1. Stops users from using the computer
  2. Automatically pops up when the desktop is opened
  3. Keep displaying fake massages and asking money
  4. May exploit users’s privacy for illegal cyber crimes
  5. Installs a variety of threats

What do I do to unlock the computer from Homeland Security virus

One thing we would like to point out: U.S. Department of Homeland Security is a scam and it is designed to deceive you off. Computer users do not need to pay the $300 fee to unlock the screen. The massage is fake and the fines are used for more cyber crooks. In order to unlock your computer from U.S. Department of Homeland Security, manual approach is the most effective way.

Remove It Now

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How to Block Ads not by this site: Removal Instructions

What is Ads not by this site? How to Stop?


“Ads not by this site” is distributed as an adware program that is caused by browser extension. As a nasty malware, Ads not by this site displays irritated advertisements automatically when using browsers. It wont be different no matter you are opening Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. Normally, Ads not by this site adware results in suspicious downloads, unsafe websites or spam email attachments. It is capable of popping up annoying advertises and tracking your online habit that can be used for the third-parties.

However, Ads not by this site popup cannot be disabled by any security tools even you have installed one. Malicious as it is, Ads not by this site malware may automatically install additional computer threats like Trojan, worm or other computer locked virus. Undoubtedly the “Ads not by this site”adware is promoted for commercial purposes and when it gets insides, windows would perform weirdly like slow running speed, high CPU and unresponsive browsings. The situation needs to be fixed immediately without hesitation.

Remove It Now
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How to Get Rid of Ads by CouponDropDown-CouponDropDown Adware Removal Tips

Stupid CouponDropDown pops up again and again? Have no idea how to get rid of it? Learn more here and view a detailed guide to remove the nasty adware.

CouponDropDown Description

CouponDropDown is an unethical adware program which displays advertisements and coupons to computer users. You may acquire it from various sources, such as social network, spam email, pornographic sites etc. Sometimes, it can also lurk in free applications. Once CouponDropDown adware is attached to your Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, you will find it very annoying. Everytime you browse the Internet, CouponDropDown ads appear on your websites, trying to lure you to buy its related products by offerring you with a numerical amount of coupons. If you click on its links, it will take you to other dangerous sites full of spam contents. Keep in mind that purchasing goods on untrusted sites can easily lead to financial loss or even identity theft. So you should not trust any information showed by CouponDropDown adware. As a smart computer user, you should remove CouponDropDown without hesitation. We recommend that you delete it manually instead of using antivirus programs. This is because AV tools cannot effectively delete the malware. You can follow the instructions below to get rid of CouponDropDown by yourself.

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Easy Way to Terminate Win64/Patched.A – Win64/Patched.A Removal Instructions

Win64/Patched.A keeps coming back? AVG antivirus cannot help that much?

Win64/Patched.A is categorized as a malicious Trojan infection that appears immediately on AVG security report. Most of the computer users still don’t know why it keeps being activated after an auto removal. You can easily recognize its existent as long as launch the window normally. Classified as a harmful one, Win64/Patched.A certainly comes bounded with dangerous components that strongly infect system files, data and documents and thoroughly cause improper traffic. Besides, there is the possibility that Trojan:JS/Medfos.B invites other computer malwares which obviously cannot be erased by MSE or other system antivirus like MSE, Norton or Avira. It is not good of your MSE has detected Trojan:JS/Medfos.B but it still is there. No doubt that this risky compute would be a headache for computer users all around the world.

The malicious symptoms caused by Win64/Patched.A

  1. Win64/Patched.A installs other malwares automatically
  2. Win64/Patched.A B decreases system running quality
  3. Win64/Patched.A penetrates into the system without your knowledge
  4. Win64/Patched.A changes your homepage and you are upset with the committed random sites
  5. Win64/Patched.A disables your firewall and take down system security tool

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How to Remove Metropolitan Police Virus – Metropolitan Police Removal Help

Computer is totally locked down by Metropolitan Police? Nothing can be done to get it removed? What’s the best way to remove Metropolitan Police completely? If you can’t come up with solution to handle the virus, please start a live chat with MiTechMate 24/7 online tech support here.

Learn about Metropolitan Police Virus

Metropolitan Police virus is a dangerous ransomware program that has been deeply affecting thousands of computers in United Kingdom. Remaining the vicious virus, computer will be totally blocked and denied to access into for taking any available solution in getting it out.

Nowadays, ransomware programs that are severe to be fixed have become very popular online for taking control of users’ computers. They usually lock down computer that it’s difficult and challengeable for those who have little computer knowledge to get rid of them. As one of the detrimental ransomware, Metropolitan Police keeps updating into new versions that it makes situation worse and worse.

By entangled with this virus, computer will be completely blocked with the showing interface of the legitimate institution of Metropolitan Police which makes things pretty real and frightened. And the message indicates that the pornographic material and copyrighted files distributed online have been detected to infringe to the law. To unlock your computer and release from being prosecuted, 100 pounds will be required.

Needless to say, it is a trick to make money from unsuspicious users by displaying fearful message. This is fake and can’t be real. Users who get stuck with this stuff shouldn’t trust and waste your money on it. To get your computer back to the clean state, Metropolitan Police must be exterminated as quickly as possible. Continue reading “How to Remove Metropolitan Police Virus – Metropolitan Police Removal Help”

VisualBee Toolbar Uninstall Solution – Completely Get Rid of VisualBee Step by Step

How do I remove “VisualBee” as tab homepage?


VisualBee is designed as a toolbar application that has made chaos on the compromised systems. It is defied as a dangerous toolbar popping up automatically when Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer is opened. Normally this VisualBee is promoted by hackers who use that tricks to track your online habit and collect valuable information so that it can power on the relevant advertisements which have commercial purpose with Visual bee toolbar. Apart from that, VisualBee distributes its arbitrary files to add more harmful element in order to mess up the default DNS utility. It is very dangerous to use your computer browsing online if you have found Visual bee as your browser extension because truly it is a redirected virus being able to escape from any blocks from system security tool. For the shake of keeping safe, VisualBee toolbar needs to be uninstalled without hesitation. The follow step-by-step guide would walk you thought removal procedure immediately but if you are not a good compute savvy, it is not suggested to commit the uninstalled process by yourself. VisualBee executes itself into a bunch of random system drive files. Thus, it takes time and skill to deal with such progress, dll files and registries from numerous system drive files which belong to the key running ones.

What VisualBee may do to your computer?

  1. VisualBee appears as your homepage
  2. VisualBee displays a lot of advertising pop-ups
  3. VisualBee slows down the browsers and make it unresponsive
  4. VisualBee is a result of browser extension
  5. The malware is bounded with free softwares that may contain unexpected threats
  6. This toolbar is promoted by malicious add-ons and plug-ins

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Unlock PC from Cheshire Police Authority Ukash Scam ( Removal Instructions)

Cheshire Police Authority UKASH Description

Cheshire Police Authority belongs to the Ukash scam that has been indentified as a variant of malware family, which uses the name and logo of Uk Police station to scare and threaten computer users located in the UK.  It can also be known as Police Central e-crime Unit virus, UK Police virus or simply Ukash virus. Here is its snapshot:

Cheshire Police Ukash Scam

Classified as a ransomware, Cheshire Police Authority is notorious all around the world because it attempt to make it real and legit by displaying the warnings, saying that your computer has been blocked because you have violated the copyrighted law relating to several program (music, video and free software) downloads. Besides, it states that the browses of porn stuff (pornographic and child porn video) has built the reason for you to be put into jail for 8~12 years sentence.

Once infected with Cheshire Police Authority, you cannot launches your desktop as usually because it pops up immediately to block all your accesses to system programs. Worth situation is that you cannot input any commands to stop this scam virus and popping up task manager by press Ctrl+Alt+Del seems to be blocked as well. It really sucks when dealing with such fake police scam.
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How Do I Remove System Doctor 2014, Removal Instructions

System Doctor 2014 Description

Type: Rogue
Sub-Type: FakeAV
OS Affected: Windows XP Vista Win7 Win8

Every computer user needs a good Anti-Virus to protect his/her computer from viruses. However, System Doctor 2014 does not meet your requirement as it is a fake antivirus program that can do great damage to your system.

Once successfully installed, System Doctor 2014 modifies Windows registry entries and creates a malicious file which enable to it to launch automatically when you turn on the compromised PC. The rogue program constantly pops up pretending that it is running a scan on your computer. After the scan is finished, it displays a scary alert, stating that your system contains tons of malicious infections. In order to remove all the detected threats, it will convince you to purchase its full version. If you ignore its warnings/notifications, it will lead to you not being able to access the Internet, disable your programs or give you the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. In some cases, the virus even blocks the access to the task manager and collects users’ personal information. System Doctor 2014 virus keeps bombarding you with annoying scan alerts and takes over your computer. You should take feasible measures to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Usually, System Doctor 2014 downloads itself onto your computer when you visit malicious websites or install shareware programs, free software. You may not know you have the scareware until it suddenly pops up. To avoid getting nasty program like System Doctor 2014 again, you must be cautious when surfing online. Not to click on suspicious links, never install unknown programs. Here below I will show you the effective steps to remove System Doctor 2014 virus. Continue reading “How Do I Remove System Doctor 2014, Removal Instructions”

Mixi.DJ Toolbar Uninstall Solution ( Step-by-Step Removal Guide)

How to get rid of Mixi.DJ Toolbar without coming back?

As a malicious toolbar virus, Mixi.DJ still exists on your computer because the security tool would never help. Let’s look at the first solution

  1. Go to the Start Menu(on the lower left corner of your monitor), and then click it.
    Find and double right-click “Control Panel”.
  2. Nevigate into “Add / Remove Program” icon from control panel, and then double right-click it.
  3. Search for Mixi.DJ Toolbar icon in the list, and then Click Remove to start uninstalling it from your computer.
  4. When it is done, press OK. Then you can reboot your computer to see if it is still there

Do you know what Mixi.DJ Toolbar is?

Mixi.DJ Toolbar is considered as a dangerous redirect threat found in the computer users from the world around. It damages the targeted system with running windows7, XP or Vista. Normally it comes as a browser extension that has the ability to ruin all popular browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Besides, it still is able to damage your Safari if you have installed one as your browser and obviously Mixi.DJ toolbar is dropped by these two domains: and, which you should be aware of what would be brought about at the same time. Usually Mixi.DJ toolbar comes bounded with free programs from unverified resources or opening applications which are powered for malicious cyber crimes.
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