How to Terminate Dirty Decrypt.exe – Dirty Decrypt.exe Virus Removal

Are you one of the victims who receive the scam alert when trying to open a photo or document. The warning massage: this alert : All Image, Video, MS office, PDF files are encrypted. These files can be decrypted using the program Dirty Decrypt.exe? This post would provide the removal guide to effectively terminate Dirty Decrypt.exe virus.

Infected with Dirty Decrypt.exe Virus? How to fix “ All Files Are Encrypted” problem?

Dirty Decrypt.exe is identified as a malicious scam virus that attempts to get money from users. The ransomware causes trouble with encrypting your files including image, Video, MS office, PDF contents and it states that, you need to download a progress named Decrypt.exe so that all your files can be decrypted. Usually encrypted files are zipped or renamed with an HTML extensionThe main point we would like to point out: Dirty Decrypt.exe is one scam. Once you installsit, you will drop computer-locked ransom malware which is used for cyber crimes. If you have the same issue, you should terminate this Dirty Decrypt.exe as soon as possible.

What would be the best way to remove this malware since this Dirty Decrypt.exe virus stops from opening any program?

Dirty Decrypt.exe enters into your computer without your knowledge. It is similar to FBI MoneyPak scam, Homeland Security Virus, ICE Cyber Crime Center that asks fine to unlock the computer. Usually Dirty Decrypt.exe asks the fee of 100 GBP. To be more convenient you are asked to pay the money via PaySafeCard – a prepaid card you can buy it from any gas station or newsstand. This is a horrible virus that users need to keep away from and do not pay the money.
Remove Dirty Decrypt.exe Now

Dirty Decrypt.exe is quite annoying and dangerous

Dirty Decrypt.exe pops up every time you are using the internet, you can do nothing. It exploits the system to modify system key registries, install additional threats, gather private information for illegal purpose, which you should be aware of. No matter what you are trying to open, a photo, a file or a document, you will get the massage that it has been encrypted and the only way to solve is to run dirty decrypt.exe. This urgent situation needs to be fixed without hesitation.

Step one: Restart your infected PC and get into Safe Mode with Networking by keep tapping F8 before windows lanches, highlight “ Safe Mode with Networking” and press Enter Button.

Step two: You will get a blank desktop or the same screen with Dirty Decrypt.exe virus. Do not worry. Please press Win key and R key at the same time to open a window.-> Once the window opens,please type: iexplore in the blank and then click Ok. -> Once you have done, you will get your IE browser open. -> You can get online for more details.

Step three: Locate all and delete all associated files


Step four: Open Registry Editor by input “regidit” on the “run” option and get rid of all registries listed below:


Conclusion: The Dirty Decrypt.exe virus is not trustworthy. Please be informed that never pay the fee or you will get nothing done finally. According to the orignial condition, this removal guide has been set. If you still have the same problem after processing this procedure, you may Contact MiTechMate Technical Lab for More Solutions.