How to Remove Optimum Online Search Engine Virus

Is your browser hijacked by Optimum Online search engine? Are you seeking an effective way to get rid of it? You are at the right place now. Use our detailed manual removal instructions below, you will be able to disable the annoying Optimum Online search engine.

Optimum Online Search Engine Description

Type: Adware/Malware
Sub-Type: Browser hijacker
OS Affected: Windows

Optimum Online search engine is a notorious browser hijacker. It has attacked thousands of PCs since 2008. Usually, Optimum Online search engine is bundled with some freeware programs which users download online and install. Once it infiltrates to your computer, Optimum Online search engine changes your browser settings without your permission. You will notice that it hijacks browser homepage and search provider. Everytime you do a search, it opens and shows a message that says something like ”We could not find results for…”. Actually, Optimum Online search engine is developed by the team of cyber frauds in order to earn traffic. This is why you are forced to use it. Optimum Online search engine seriously affects users’ browsing experience. Sometimes, it even displays online ads on behalf of various companies. Therefore, many users find it very annoying. They all want to completely get rid of it. However, the malware is not listed in control panel and antivirus software cannot detect it. To completely get rid of the hijacker, you need to use manual removal method. Please follow the manual removal instructions set forth below to delete all the malicious files, Optimum Online search engine will not stay a comeback.

In order to avoid being infected by Optimum Online search engine again you should be careful whenever you install programs over the Internet and always uncheck installation of all extras like browser add-ons, extensions, toolbar, media players, etc.

Optimum Online search engine Is not Safe

1. Optimum Online search engine is boring
2. Optimum Online search engine slows down your internet speed
3. Optimum Online search engine virus may monitor your online activities and steal your personal information
4. Optimum Online search engine malware attempts to take over your browsers
5. Optimum Online search engine can drop other Trojans, worms and keyloggers to your computer
6. Once installed, it won’t go away and cannot be detected by antivirus software.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Optimum Online search engine

To disable Optimum Online search engine, you can use manual approach. You need to possess some computer troubleshooting skills. This will require stopping the malignant processes, deleting malware files and registry keys. Here’s what do to.

Step1: Open the task manager by pressing Ctrl key, Alt key and Del key together, then terminate the associated processes:

stop Optimum Online search engine process


Step2: Delete Optimum Online search engine’s related files and folders:

application data

C:windowssystem32 Optimum Online
%program files% Optimum Online search engine {random}.exe
%program files x86%{random}*.lnk
%UserProfile%LocalSettingsApplication Data[ Optimum Online]
%UserProfile%LocalSettingsApplication Data[random][random]sysguard.exe
%documents and settings%all users application data Optimum Online search engine

Step3: Open registry editor and remove the registry keys listed:


HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware Optimum Online search engine virus
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREOptimum Online search engine
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun “ieupdate”

Note: You need to be very careful during the manual removal process. If you are not proficient with computer and delete some system files by mistake, your computer will not work properly. Need help with removing Optimum Online search engine? Live Chat with MitechMate Online Expert Now. Your Problem will be Fixed within 3O minutes.