How to Remove BetterSurf Ads-Get Rid of BetterSurf popups

BetterSurf ad keeps popping up. How do I completely get rid of it? I did a full scan of my system and removed tons of infections, but the annoying BetterSurf malware still appears on my screen. It is driving me mad. Please help!!!

BetterSurf Malware Description

BetterSurf is a malware program which pretends to be a legitimate browser extension. BetterSurf malware usually arrives bundled with free software that you download from the internet. Once it is added to your chrome, firefox or internet explorer, you will encounter many PC problems.


BetterSurf malware modifies your Windows registry, DNS settings and browser settings. Every time you browse the internet, annoying ads will automatically pop up, luring you to spending money for all kind of products and services. Actually, the excessive BetterSurf pop-up ads are not trusted. Whenever you click them you will be redirected to unsafe websites where you may get your system infected with other infections. Moreover, BetterSurf malware consumes a lot of system resources, so it makes your computer run slowly. If you don’t delete it as soon as possible, it may even open up system backdoors for hackers or steal your personal information, such as websites visited, search queries, IP address, credit card accounts/password etc. Without a doubt, BetterSurf malware is not only annoying, but also it poses risk to your system.

Unfortunately, Antivirus software cannot detect BetterSurf malware. It keeps displaying unwanted pop up ads to users and redirecting them to undesired web pages. To permanently get rid of the annoying thing, you need to use manual removal method. Delete all its files, folders and registry keys. Please carefully follow the detailed removal instructions set forth below.

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Is BetterSurf Safe?


1. BetterSurf extension is installed without users’ approval, it must not be safe.
2. BetterSurf malware keeps displaying unwanted popups to you
3. BetterSurf makes your internet speed slow down
4. It can download other malware infections or open system backdoors for hackers
5. BetterSurf virus may steal your personal data and send it to remote servers.
6. It cannot be removed by using antivirus software

How to Remove BetterSurf Malware?

For removing the annoying BetterSurf malware you need to delete all its files, folders and registry keys. Before starting the removal operation, please back up your important data. Here’s what to do.

Step 1: Open the task manager by pressing Ctrl key, Alt key and Del key together, then terminate the associated processes:



Step 2: Delete all the related files and folders created by BetterSurf malware:


%program files% BetterSurf popups
%documents and settings % all usersBetterSurf ads

Step3: Open registry editor and remove the registry keys listed:



registry editor

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun”[VARIABLE]” = “%Temp%[VARIABLE]”
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun”[VARIABLE]” = “rundll32.exe %Temp%[VARIABLE] [EXPORTED FUNCTION] 0″

Ads by BetterSurf Removal Video Guide

Important Note: the manual removal requires certain level of computer skills, if you don’t have an experience in using system tools and removing malware, you will take the risk of damaging your system. Ask MiTechMate Online Expert for Help Now.  Your Problem Will Be Fixed within 3O minutes.