How Do I Get Rid of get-user-id.js On My Computer

Do you want to open or save get-user-id.js from What is get-user-id.js? Is it a virus? Why does get-user-id.js keeps showing up with How to keep get-user-id.js from popping up on yahoo?

Basic Information of get-user-id.js

get-user-id.js is a malware program which you may pick up from peer-to-peer networks, spam email, suspicious downloads or other hacked domain. get-user-id.js is quite stubborn that can not be canaled/disabled by system removal tools. get-user-id.js is a content that promote abnormal networks for, which is quite malicious and horrible. Some computer users identify get-user-id.js as a virus because it causes problems on browsers. It happens intermittently when surfing online, which may bug you very much. When inside, computer users would feel frustrated and annoyed because get-user-id.js keeps popping up after closing and canceling it.

As its name suggest,get-user-id.js sounds like some javascript to get a User ID, which may put your data into high risks. This program would probably violate your email, ID account, password or other financial information. As we all know, popup is a very perilous scam program. As a result, get-user-id.js script can be very vicious malware that is promoting internet criminal. As you keep get-user-id.js, some fraudulent hackers would make use of this virus to do all kinds of malicious things. If you want to prevent from unexpected cyber attack, you should remove get-user-id.js as quickly possible.
Remove get-user-id.js Now

Computer acts weired because of get-user-id.js

  • Users keeps canceling get-user-id.js but it keeps coming back
  • The browsers have been taken over by torrent popup advertisments
  • The internet is very slow on startup, shutdown, playing game or watching video
  • System antivirus programs fail to work
  • The computer gets flooded with unknown applications, including toolbars and adware.

Please refuse to save this program. Once you save the program, you may facilitate to cyber criminal. More problems would be added and computer would suffer from a series of undesirably attacks. Even though you have reputable and reliable security tools installed, get-user-id.js program may easily bypass. Don’t be disappointed, if you don’t know how to destroy or get rid of get-user-id.js from your computer, you may keep reading and get the answers you want.

Manually tips to stop get-user-id.js from popping up on your computer

Step one: Input the command to disable all startup items associated
1. Input msconfig into the box then press Enter
2. Click the msconfig search result. The utility will open in a new window.
3. Click the Startup tab. You’ll see a list of programs that start when your computer starts.
4. To stop a program from automatically launching when you boot the PC, uncheck the box next to its entry.

Step two: Boot your computer normal mode and remove all associated files


%ProgramFiles%Protected SearchSystem.Data.SQLite.dll
 %ProgramFiles%Protected SearchTaskScheduler.dll
 %ProgramFiles%Protected SearchTaskSchedulerCreator.exe

Step three: Open Registry Editor by navigating to Start Menu, type in Regedit, and then click OK. When you have been in Registry Editor, please remove the following registry entries



HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftInternet ExplorerExtensions{EE932B49-D5C0-4D19-A3DA-CE0849258DE6}

To safely and quickly perform this manual removal, you can ask help from some friends who are familiar with windows files and registries. Because any mistake made during the removal, the computer may lead to a complete crash. If you need Immediate Expert Help, please let us know.