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Remove Malware:Win32/Caphaw (Virus Removal Guide)

I have this Trojan virus/malware on my pc called Malware:Win32/Caphaw. How can I remove it? Location: Win7, Appdata, Roaming, DataMgr. I have done multiple scans with different anti-virus software and only Avast is detecting it. I think it is doing damage to my PC and is taking down my firewall. It will not let me delete it so I cannot remove it that way and when I try to show the hidden files the window disappears. Please Help!

Malware:Win32/Caphaw Description


Type Trojan
Sub-Type rootkit
OS Affected Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8

Malware:Win32/Caphaw is a severe trojan virus which badly damages your computer. There are various ways it can sneak into your system, for instances, it lurks in spam emails that contain malicious links and infected attachments, it comes bundled with free applications, torrents downloaded from the internet etc. Once activated, Malware:Win32/Caphaw not only hits Windows registry, but also it drops a bunch of hidden files to random system folders. It consumes a plenty of memory space and resources, so you may notice that your PC performance slows down like a crawl. In addition, Malware:Win32/Caphaw virus may secretly open up backdoors for other infections. It has the capability to display unwanted pop up advertisements and keep trail of your surfing habits. Chances are that it will steal your sensitive data, including web history, entered search queries, cookies, online banking details, IP address etc. In that case, you will easily experience financial loss or even identity theft. Therefore, it is of great importance to eliminate Malware:Win32/Caphaw as soon as possible. Here below we offer detailed manual removal instructions for your reference. Continue reading

Exploit:Java/Dotcaf.A Manual Removal Tutorial

How do I remove Exploit:Java/Dotcaf.A from my Win 8 Computer? I’ve tried different antivirus programs, but no success. Exploit:Java/Dotcaf.A always stays a comeback, it is very annoying. Please Help!!!

Exploit:Java/Dotcaf.A Description


Type Trojan
Sub-Type rootkit
OS Affected Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Exploit:Java/Dotcaf.A is a destructive computer virus that is widely spread over the internet. It may lurks in some spam email attachments, torrents and freeware program. Sometimes, when you just unwarily click an infected links, it will invade your computer. Once activated, Exploit:Java/Dotcaf.A performs many malicious activities in your system, including adding malcode to Windows registry, changing browser settings without your authorization, corrupting your antivirus tools and so on. As a result, your computer will not work properly. In addition to these, Exploit:Java/Dotcaf.A virus can secretly open up system backdoors for other infections, this is why some victims also detect other viruses on their computer. Worse still, Exploit:Java/Dotcaf.A is able to capture your sensitive data. Chances are that it will collect your web history, cookies, online banking details,… and then use them for illegal activities. Needless to say that Exploit:Java/Dotcaf.A is hazardous virus. With it on your computer, you will experience a series of issues. We strongly recommend you delete it as soon as possible. Here below i will teach you how to manually eliminate it. Continue reading

Remove Adware-Rockettab Virus Permanently

Last week I found out I had the Adware-Rockettab virus, so I removed it with Mcafee antivirus. I apparently thought I removed it, but when I scanned my laptop with Mcafee, It was still there, I can’t find a way to remove the stubborn trojan, any help?

Adware-Rockettab Description


Adware-Rockettab is a High-Risk Trojan infection which can ruin your entire computer. In most cases, the virus is propagated through junk emails, malicious websites and freeware programs. As soon as it gets inside your system, Adware-Rockettab immediately makes some modifications in your windows registry and creates large amounts of hidden files. You will find that your PC performance becomes slower and slower, when you surf the web, browser crashes for no reason, computer freezes up from time to time and so on. In addition, Adware-Rockettab can disable your programs by terminating their running processes. If you try to live with it, It may even turn off your firewall protection without your permission, secretly steal your personal information or download more and more viruses onto the infected computer. In a word, Adware-Rockettab is not only annoying, but also it is very dangerous. It can render your computer unstable, vulnerable and unusable. You are highly suggested to get rid of it soon as possible. Continue reading

How to Remove TrojanDownloader:Win32/Upatre.AI Entirely

I started using my lap top, unfortunately TrojanDownloader:Win32/Upatre.AI hit my computer and my antivirus MacAfee couldn’t remove it, how can I remove it?

The information about TrojanDownloader:Win32/Upatre.AI

TrojanDownloader:Win32/Upatre.AI is a pesky Trojan horse that can hit infected computer seriously. TrojanDownloader:Win32/Upatre.AI is detected by Microsoft security software recently. Unluckily, if your computer is compromised by TrojanDownloader:Win32/Upatre.AI, there will be a lot of annoying things caused by it and you may be confused about that. First of all, TrojanDownloader:Win32/Upatre.AI damages your computer system, such as changing the settings and delete and remove the critical programs that reserved in your computer. Apart from that, TrojanDownloader:Win32/Upatre.AI hijacks your browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explore and Mozilla Firefox, basically, your homepage will be changed by TrojanDownloader:Win32/Upatre.AI randomly. Accordingly, when you open a website, it can redirect you to irrelevant websites which may infect with all kinds of annoying viruses that are able to destroy your computer.


Additionally, TrojanDownloader:Win32/Upatre.AI is created by cyber criminals, however, it has to finish the tasks that distributed by its owners. What is worse, TrojanDownloader:Win32/Upatre.AI is specifically designed to cheating computer users via illegal methods. For instance, TrojanDownloader:Win32/Upatre.AI records your inline activities and collects your important information, especially your financial data, as soon as it gets that information, it will send that to remote hijackers. Therefore, there may be money losing caused by TrojanDownloader:Win32/Upatre.AI. Continue reading

dl_i.exe Removal Guide–How to Uninstall dl_i.exe

Need help to remove this dl_i.exe, antivirus alerts me that there are trojan infections on the computer and it shows me this dl_i.exe. My computer runs very slow now, it takes forever time to reboot and I don’t understand why there are so many update notifications pop up every day. What should I do to remove this dl_i.exe??

Know more about dl_i.exe

dl_i.exe should be regarded as a malicious files belonging to the trojan infections. This dl_i.exe is installed in the computer silently, though it can be picked up by antivirus, it wont be removed automatically. dl_i.exe is of high threat to the system, and has been a nuisance for most users. Users have no idea of where is this dl_i.exe from and even how this dl_i.exe gets access into the computer, although they did not install any malware recently.

However, there are many ways that this dl_i.exe can be spread: dubious websites visiting can lead to automatically malware installation, and dl_i.exe is bundled to this malware, users are infected by this malware silently. Spam email attachment or other fake update recommendation are common means to insert this dl_i.exe. Once users are infected by this malware, it is likely to bring much more infections on the computer. And trojan infection such as dl_i.exe is able to exploit the PC vulnerabilities, it just like to open a backdoor, then all kinds of unknown and rouge applications, malware and infections are flooded with your computer. Continue reading