Cinema p 9.1 Won’t Remove – How to Get Rid of Cinema p 9.1

Hi!There is a plugin “Cinema p 9.1 “that I can not remove it. When I clicked on the disable or trash bin, it still keeps reappearing after rebooting the computer. I think I must download something that causes this stubborn plugin. But I can not remember what sorts of things they are. The plugin is called Cinema p 9.1 ,exactly it is Cinema p 9.1 2.0. How can I remove it? There is no result about this strange plugin by Googling. I have uninstalled the junk software from the Control Panel that may be related to this plugin. I have tried to re-installed Google Chrome but it reappears and also the same work on Internet Explorer. I keep scanning but nothing found. Thanks for any advise in advance.

What is Cinema p 9.1?

Cinema p 9.1

Cinema p 9.1 is a stubborn extension that can be installed along with other unwanted programs on the computer without users’ any consent. Cinema p 9.1 can be also classified as the PUP (potentially unwanted program). According to the innocent users’ description of Cinema p 9.1 , this malicious software behaves quite illegally on the target computers. It can install the plugin on the browser on its own to Google Chrome, Firebox and IE during the installation of third party software. Every time when you open the browsers to navigate the websites, you will be interrupted by annoying adverts pop ups, banners or in-text unexpectedly.

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